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Play station portable advanced gaming

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What is PSP? Best gaming console

Play Station Portable is gaming console designed by Sony in 2004. It was supported in 2004-2013 years and always was famous for great games.

How many PSP games? Thousands

There are over than 1000 games on PSP platform. Hundreds of great titles and bestsellers which provide amazing gaming experience.

Is it worth it to play PSP games? Sure

Mobile gaming is great nowdays, but PSP classics is never out of date. Just because it was origin of the whole mobile gaming industry.


PSP console is great. It always was. Great games, great plot stories, great gameplay, great gaming experience. But nowdays modern smartphones and tablets replaced oldschool pocket devices. Unfortunately, many new gamers even don’t know about PSP, others highly likely forgot about old fun days with PSP console. Let’s change this!

Emulation industry gives ability playing PSP games for everyone. This great invention is completely gamer community goal. Emulators provide ability playing PSP games on modern devices, including smartphones and tablets under Android OS.

Current gen devices have much better hardware than any revision of PSP console. This gives us ability playing PSP games on definitely new level, with 60 fps, in FullHD and even 4K.

Great games on your smartphone or tablet

New era of timeless classics

We prepared detailed documentation about emulation process, different kinds of PSP emulators and configuration settings for most famous PSP game titles. Here are documentation profiles for just some of games, game posters below are clickable.

Whole PSP gaming industry playable on your Android device

Everything is easy in few steps

We prepared detailed documentation for you

Enjoy gaming, play great games, and here you are some helpful info:

  • Get emulator pre-sets and configuration manuals for each game in Games section
  • Explore emulator projects and description of each project in Emulators section
  • For detailed FAQ about using emulators kindly visit our Documentation section

Please, pay attention to the way how to Get Games, also in Documentation section.

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