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God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010)

His family is dead. His destiny is cursed. Spartan warrior Kratos can do nothing to rid himself of the pain and regret he feels for the actions of his past.

But soon a secret will be revealed, a challenge that offers Kratos one final chance to show that somewhere beneath his scarred body and damaged mind, a human heart is still beating. For Kratos, this will be the last hope for redemption.

One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked out onto the streets between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice: build an empire or be crushed.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is set following the events of the first God of War adventure and explores Kratos’s dark and mysterious past, resolving long unanswered questions from the series.

Emulation Recommendations

Game works perfect on Android PSP Emulators. Recommended ‘Vulkan’ rendering backend and ‘Buffered rendering’ for emulators which support so. Keep off the ‘Frameskipping’ option, and un-check the ‘Auto frameskip’. Check the ‘Prevent FPS from exceeding 60’ and put 0 values in alternative sped (in %, 0=unlimited). Better choose ‘Vignette’ shader in ‘Postprocessing shader’ option, or keep this settings off.

Try ‘2x Rendering resolution’, but if your device is kind of low-specs or if you see low performance, then go for ‘1x Rendering resolution’. Make sure to check ‘Mipmapping’, ‘Hardward transform’, ‘Software skinning’, ‘Vertex Cache’ and ‘Lazy texture caching’. Let ‘Retain changed textures (sometimes slower)’ unchecked while keeping ‘Disable slower effects (speedup)’ and ‘Hardware Tessellation (experimental)’ checked.

In ‘Hack’ settings, just check following two options: ‘Timer Hack’ (improves FPS significantly) and ‘Disable alpha test’ (for best for PowerVR powered phones). And keep ‘Aggressive mode in Lower Resolution for effects’.

It is important to keep ‘Fast memory (unstable)’ checked. It works on most of the Android phones, irrespective of their hardware. That means, it can help to improve overall performance.

We keep ‘Multithreaded (experimental)’ most of the times (no preferable outcomes with it). Try it yourself, if it works or not. Since, this Emulator varies device to device, it might worth a try.

Let ‘I/O on thread’ checked, and under I/O timing method, select ‘Simulate UMD delays’. Finally, let ‘Force real clock sync (slower, less lag)’ remains unchecked.

Please note: these recommendations are made during tests on devices which our team have access to. Real settings can vary on device you use and on emulator you use. Please, check our general Emulation Basic Configuration Tips and Android PSP Emulators page.

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