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There are various PSP Emulator projects, each one of them has it’s own particular features. The core (root) project is PPSSPP, most emulators are currently based on it’s open source, but PPSSPP itself is a complex community project created originally in cooperation with JPCSP which has much deeper story. JPCSP itself hasn’t got support for Android platform (end even no more supported nowdays), but PPSSPP and all subsequent projects have complete Android support. PPSSPP forks are mostly designed only to be Android PSP Emulators. In tribute to the JPCSP developers we still mention it in this Emulator list.


The pioneer in the PSP Emulation area, JPCSP was written in Java and originally was developed for PC, Unix and Mac. It was the origin of whole PSP emulation era. Using Java was useful for debug, but caused a lot of compatibility issues. Due to many reasons, in fact it’s development was abandoned, but gave a chance for PPSSPP and other great emulation projects.


An ingenious project created by Henrick Rydgard, one of legendary Dolphin Wii Emulator developers. With huge contributions of open source community, PPSSPP was originally based on JPCSP, and now it is the core mainstream PSP emulation project. It is available for various platforms including PC, Android, iOS (unofficially), Mac, Unix. PPSSPP has various forks including specific ones for Android.

Sunshine PSP Emulator

Being most known PPSSPP fork, this emulator is being developed in purpose of flexible support for most famous and popular PSP games. Sunshine PSP Emulator is available only for Android platform, this embodies project particular goal: to make advanced support for PSP games specifically on Android. It is recommended for both low-end and high-end devices, project is trying to keep balance in mobile devices support.

Rapid PSP Emulator

One more PPSSPP fork which designed for modern high-end Android mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. The main goal of this project is running PSP games in high quality remastered mode which provides amazing gaming experience. This require high spec of CPU, GPU and RAM, but if your device is really powerful, you will definitely enjoy playing PSP games on your Android device.

Fast PSP Emulator

Yet another PPSSPP fork which provides advanced support for low-end devices, past-gen Android smartphones and tablets. It is optimised for oldschool devices with low CPU, GPU and RAM spec, which can be helpful if none of other emulators able to run games on your device smoothly. This can affect some game graphics aspects and cause artifacts sometimes, but this is way more better because of fine fps.

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